Meet Our Guides


“I am a lifelong traveler but fell in love with Maui in 2012 and have never looked back!”

Since then, Delphine never stopped learning about the Hawaiian Islands through hundreds of hours of job training, volunteering, conferences, continuing education, and adventuring days with local friends.

She is a Certified Interpretive Guide from the National Association of Interpretation, is First Aid/CPR/Lifeguard certified, has completed several editions of the Maui Mauka Conservation Awareness Training for local guides, and has attended Hawaiian culture and languages courses at the University of Hawaii’s Maui College.

When she’s not jumping off a waterfall with you, you’re likely to find her paddling a traditional Hawaiian canoe off Kihei or Wailea. Ask her about it—and anything else that comes to mind—she loves questions!

“I never really wanted an office job, so I couldn’t think of a better job than being a tour guide and sharing my passion for Maui.”


“I came to Maui in 2006 just to escape the Colorado winter for a few weeks. It’s been 12 years and I’m still here—not going anywhere!”

Wanna know where the “locals” go, he can tell you! From “who makes the best fish tacos and mai tais” or “what’s the best snorkel spot” to “what are the best hikes to match my level of fitness”, he has the insiders’ scoop and is always happy to share his experience while on a private tour with you.

Johnny is a true outdoors enthusiast—don’t be surprised if you see him ditching the shoes to walk on the lava rocks! He moved to Maui from Colorado, and has spent summers working as a guide in the wilderness of Grand Tetons and Alaska.

​Before coming on board with Unique Maui Tours, he conducted snorkel tours and whale watches along the Kanaio coast and lava field of South Maui. Don’t hesitate to test his extensive knowledge of the island’s geology, history, fauna and flora!

”Today is always the most beautiful day ever!”


"I grew up in L.A., but I have lived on Maui for over 15 years and worked at Haleakala for nine of those years, as a ranger and for the nonprofit park partner."

Wendy loves to help you experience Maui nature--hiking on a volcano, birdwatching in a cloud forest, wading in a clear stream. Ask her about the weather, geology, plants and animals--she'll be happy to share her mana'o (knowledge, insights), and maybe even improvise a song for you.

She also spent three years teaching English in Japan and loves communicating culture through stories and songs.

"I am crazy about islands! The first place I played tour guide was on Alcatraz Island. The first place I worked as a ranger was Crater Lake National Park, with its beautiful Wizard Island. But as they say, 'Maui no ka 'oi!' (Maui is the best!)"

Can’t wait to get behind the wheel of adventure with you!